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KVK facilities



1. Farm implements museum & Custom Hiring Center:

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has several farm implements tractor drawn as well as bullock drawn in its museum and custom hiring center. Farmers can get detail information about them and use them by hiring with minimum rent at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra. The list of implement available is below (Tractor, Sugarcane planter, Sugarcane set cutter planter, BBF planter, Boom sprayer, MB plough, Cultivator, Rotavetor, Ridger)



2. Vermicompost Unit :

This demonstrates the conversion of farm waste into enriched compost. Two different species of worms are reared so that the culture can be made available to farmers. The annual capacity of the unit is 18 tons.

2. Eudrillus uginae


3. Azolla Unit :

Established Azolla production unit for training & demonstration purpose and to supply culture to the farmers.


4.  Poultry Farm:

Krishi Vigyan Kendra has established poultry unit for supply of one month Vanaraja and Grampriya poultry birds to the rural women of the area for Back yard farming as small scale income generating activity. This infrastructure of our NGO is also utilized for conducting the training programmes .


5. Drudgery Reduction Technologies for Farm Women   – Different drudgery reducing technology demonstrations are regularly given to farm women like Soybean harvesting mittens, different sickles, milking stool and stand, different types of hoes, manual seedling transplant or hanging type of double screen cleaner etc.


6. Bio Fertilizer Production Lab  – KVK   has established well equipped laboratory for the production of Bio agents. This laboratory produces and provides different biological products on minimum price as per farmers demand. Products like liquid rhyzobium, PSB, azotobactor, tricoderma, manufactured in laboratory.


7. Hydroponics fodder production unit :

Established low cost hydroponics fodder production unit for training and demonstration purpose to the farmers.


8. Goat rearing unit :

Osmanabadi Goat Rearing Unit utilized for production, training and demonstration purpose. Size- 20 does and 01 buck.



9. Poultry Hatchery Unit :

KVK Latur has established poultry hatchery unit to supply chicks of improved poultry birds to the farmers for backyard/rural poultry farming. Also this facility is also used for training and demonstration purpose.

10.. Shade net :

 The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has constructed Shade net over 0.25ha area in which to undertake Capcium and Nursery.


11. Processing Unit :